Custom Abutments (single tooth to hybrids) all platforms!

Custom Abutments (Titanium and Zirconia) for implant systems

  • Available in both Zirconia or Titanium 
  • Customized for superior esthetics
  • Cost-effective, no need to stock prefabricated abutments
  • Easy to make with the  3D CAD Design program or by scanning a wax-up
  • Abutments also available for all implant systems

Implant Scan Bodies for Digital Impression

Please contact us to order scan bodies. We have almost every scan body available for all implant manufacturers.
Scan body consideration - When scanning dental implants with an intraoral scanner there are many companies that produce scan bodies. It is important that the digital workflow is compatible with printed models and analogs. We can mill authentic parts with scan bodies.
Email or call us to find out what scan body is right for your situation.