• Take all photos prior to any lengthy procedure that would dehydrate and alter natural appearance of teeth

  • Take photos under NEUTRAL environmental light

(not directly under an office light)

  • Take photo at roughly a hands length distance from the patients teeth

  • The width of the photo should be from canine to canine with the incisal edge centered vertically in the the frame. 

  • Identify the individual tooth you would like the shade to match. Align the edge of the Gray Card that has the semi-circle so it is FLUSH against the INCISAL EDGE of that tooth and at the SAME REFLECTIVE ANGLE as the facial surface of the teeth. 

  • Take at least one (1) good reflective photo with the GRAY CARD and WITHOUT the POLARIZED FILTERS, under NORMAL camera settings to show what the teeth actually look like.

  • Add additional images you think will be helpful in identifying surface texture, contours, gloss, and any other pertinent information.

  • When exporting photos, be sure they are exported as a RAW image:

.RAW, .crw, .cr2 .cr3 .nef .nrw

(JPEG/PNG formats will not be accepted for Gray Card cases)


  • NOTE: if the case is STAINED/FULL CONTOUR, and NOT layered, include the POLARIZED GRAY CARD photos as well as photos with the relevant SHADE TABS. Shade Tabs should also be aligned incisal to incisal at the same reflective angle as the teeth. 

E-Lab Shade Matching


Please send photos of delivered crowns along with any feedback.

*Be sure the mouth is hydrated when taking photos.*

Click Here to download our Gray Card Photo Protocol