PALA Digital Dentures

Why Pala Digital Dentures


Digital Dentures Technology Creates Better-Fitting Dentures, Faster


Denture production is complex and time consuming, and—due to changes in the patient's gums or imprecision in craftsmanship—the result may not fit properly. Many patients require additional visits before their dentures are adjusted to a comfortable fit. 

With advanced Pala Digital Dentures technology however, dentures are modeled using 3D software for a perfect fit in significantly less time. 

Fewer Visits for Greater Productivity 

Computer-aided design and manufacturing (also known as CAD/CAM) has been making a great contribution to dental restorations. Today, CAD/CAM dental technology allows Pala Digital Dentures to improve denture quality while greatly reducing lead time and costs.


Create Perfect Smiles, Reduce Wait Times, & Elevate Your Dental Mastery


With Pala Digital Dentures, superior-quality dentures can be delivered to your lab in about five business days. 

Only one patient visit is needed before final denture delivery, compared to the five or more visits previously required. Once an impression or impression scan is received, 3D renderings of the denture are created based on anatomical landmarks captured in the impression. The final denture is then crafted to uncompromising standards. At your discretion, an optional prototype can be ordered before the final dentures are made at no additional charge. 

In addition, the 3D model generated by the Pala Digital Denture system serves as a permanent digital record that can be used if a replacement is needed. 


Get Twice the Results in Half the Time



The greatest benefit of using CAD/CAM is the reduction of patient visits.

Conventional dentures usually require five or more patient visits!


  1.      Patients take an initial impression of their gum on the first visit.

  2.      Patients are called back to the office for a custom tray impression.

  3.      Patients visit for VDO, VDR, and CR checkups, and for mounting and teeth set up.

  4.      Patients make a fourth visit for teeth prototypes and final processing.

  5.      Patients receive the final and fitting denture during their fifth visit.


Pala Digital Dentures require ONLY 1 PATIENT VISIT (to take the impression) before final denture delivery. 


By leveraging the precision and efficiency of 3D technology, the average dental practice can see more patients in less time, while enhancing patient satisfaction.