Introduction to Aromatic Ketone Polymers (PAEK).

High-perfomance polymers.

Tested bonding-strength of veneering composites to Pekkton Ivory:

AnaxBlend, AnaxFlow, Ceramage, GC Gradia,
Signum, S.LAY, SR Nexco und Vita VM.
(consider manufacturer’s indications!)


Mastication forces*

2005: D* issertation for the doctoral degree in dentistry
Dauerfestigkeit dreigliedriger Frontzahnbrücken in Stufenlastverfahren
Daniel Konrad Wiener (Sulz a.N.)
Medizinischen Fakultät der Eberhard- Karls-Universität zu Tübingen

In-vitro evidence

Aim of the test:
Static fracture strength of veneered lateral 3-unit bridges.

Test parameters:
- Not cemented
- Composite veneer
- Frame thickness 0.5mm
- Connectors 9mm2

Fracture strength >2500 N

Conclusion: Requirements fulfilled! (Crack in veneer)

In-vitro evidence
Aim of the test:
Endurance test of veneered
lateral 3-unit bridges, using force beyond the average maximum forces of mastication

Test parameters:
- Composite GC Gradia
- Frame thickness 0.5mm
- Connectors 9mm2
- Long-term endurance tests at 500N

Fatigue life (500N) : > 2M cycles (approximately 4 to 5 years) After run out testing at 2M cycles the bridge was still intact!
Requirements fulfilled!

In-vitro testing

Aim of the test:

Load behaviour of composite veneered 4-unit bridges on implants.
2Mio load cycles, 500N

In- vitro results:
No fracture
Residual Fracture Strength >2600N.

Long-term Provisional (3-5 years, definitive-use indication coming 2017) implant frameworks supporting cemented crowns and bridges on with maximum two pontics. Can be veneered with composite, bonded to press / milled crowns, or prefabricated acrylic teeth and shells.