Dropbox Submissions:

Have photos or digital records you'd like to submit to Midwest Dental Arts?

Please watch the instructional video below to learn how to submit your cases to us via Dropbox.

For assistance setting up a shared Dropbox folder, email CaseEntry@MidwestDentalArts.com or call (319) 857-4030

Please note - you must email and/or call Midwest Dental Arts to adivse that files have been uploaded to your shared folder. Dropbox does not notify Midwest Dental Arts automatically. 


Please see our Case Enclosure Reference Guide below to ensure you're sending everything needed to start your case promptly:

Enclosure Reference Guide 2.0.png

Sending Digital Impressions

Please see our Sending Digital Impressions page or view our IOS Submission Guide below:


How to Send IOS.png

DSD/Diagnostic Waxup Photo Protocol

Please reference our DSD/Diagnostic Waxup Photo Protocol below:



Gray Card Photo Protocol

Use our Gray Card Photo Protocol below: