Surgical Guides

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Midwest Dental Arts owns several softwares for treatment planning guided surgery:

  • 3Shape Implant Studio
  • Simplant
  • coDiagnostiX
  • Nobel Clinician


Surgical Guide Definition

A surgical guide is a medical device that is 3D printed based off of a CBCT and is custom-made for your specific patient. It is used to accurately assist in immediate placement of an implant in the bone structure. It replicates the exact surfaces of the patient's intraoral situation and assists the surgeon to preform the clinical application of drilling implants into the bone with optimal accuracy. Once the surgical guide is placed on the patient's jaw, it uses sleeves to help guide your surgical instruments and, if appropriate, your implant, accurately to the position you have accurately planned.


  • Visualization, diagnosis and dental implant treatment planning.
  • Predictability in the dental implant process – understand the issues in your case before starting the surgical procedure.
  • Use of raw DICOM data from most CT scanners, including cone beam dental scanners – no post processing of CT scanner images is needed.

How It Works
CT image data is loaded into our software providing the dentist with a user-friendly interface for viewing the anatomy of the dental implant site. The software allows the dentist and technician to plan with confidence the optimal location for dental implants taking into account anatomical, functional and aesthetic considerations. The treatment plan decided upon and approved by the dentist is then printed using FDA approved resin.

Advantages of using Guides in surgery

  • Reduction in surgery time
  • Reduced trauma, pain and swelling for patients
  • Flapless surgery in appropriate cases
  • Shorter recuperation time
  • Accurate transfer of CT-based virtual surgery to the clinical environment
  • Improved prosthetic results
  • Immediate loading in appropriate cases

What materials are used to manufacture Guides?
Guides are manufactured from medically approved acrylic resin. Drill sleeves are medical grade titanium tubes.

Why is surgery easier using a guide?
The correct angulation is built into the guide and the exact length is known from the top of the sleeve to the apex of the implant. Many surgeries can be done flapless.

What is the turnaround time for Guide delivery from time of order?
Normal service is 5 work days. Expedited service is available in some areas in 48 hours.


Is flapless surgery possible?
Yes, in most cases. Which means less pain and swelling for patients, and faster implant placement.

Do we suggest soft tissue punching prior to flapless surgery?
Yes, although no research is available showing transgingival surgery to be detrimental. Punching can be done through the guide.

Are the Guides sterilizable?
Yes, by cold sterilization in Cavicide for 20 minutes prior to surgery. Ethylene oxide sterilization is also possible. Guides are delivered non-sterile. Sleeves are autoclavable.

CT Scanning

Where can the patient get a CT scan done?
At dental scanning centers or at most modern CT scanning facility (radiology center or hospital) with a multislice scanner. Midwest Dental Arts will verify that the scanner you wish to use is compatible with our softwares and supply the scanning site with the CT protocols required to be used during the scan. Our softwares are compatible with all cone beam CT imaging systems.

Does Midwest Dental Arts help with immediate loading?
Yes – our laboratory can use the plan to prepare a restoration for immediate loading. In addition, after the surgery, the guide can be used as an accurate impression tray for the pick-up impression.