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About Us

Our Story

Midwest Dental Arts was founded over 25 years ago by a young entrepreneur and dental technician named Jamey Schropp. It began in the basement of a small home located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. His vision was to surround himself with talented technicians while taking advanced courses across the country with his team. The summer of 2008 was a difficult and stressful time for Midwest Dental Arts as the company was hit by a devastating flood. Seven days after the flood, Midwest Dental Arts was up and running with its core group of technicians at the helm. That same year the country went through some difficult financial times. With Jamey's commitment to his company and employees, our team stayed focused and battled the adversity. Over the last decade, Midwest Dental Arts has established multiple locations across the country including Connecticut, Florida, and Iowa. 



Every year we conduct continuing education programs and bring in speakers from different parts of the country. We have taken courses at AAID, AAMOS, ACP, Dawson, ICOI, LVI, and NYU Advanced Cosmetics. Midwest Dental Arts has an AACD accredited technician and we have completed advanced courses on cosmetics with Master Ceramist Jason Kim and most recently with Luke Hasegawa MDT. We are also trained on the BDT (burn-out denture) technique using Pekkton. Our courses with Anaxdent and GC America give us the knowledge and expertise in the area of full arch implant cases specifically with pink ceramics and composites.

Dental Technology

We pride ourselves on investing in education and new technology. With the advances made in dentistry over the past ten years, we have spent time and energy learning and perfecting CAM/CAM dental restorations. As one of the top implant labs in the country, our goal is to design and fabricate the best restoration for each case. No two cases are the same and with scanners and computers, we are able to digitally fabricate restorations and email them to you before we start the mill. We have the digital capabilities to make seating your restorations more predictable and make you more productive and profitable. Whether it’s Chromium Cobalt, Full Zirconia, Glass Ceramic, Lava, Procera, or our new favorite Titanium “We can mill it”. As the price of gold clears $1400 an ounce we have to consider economical options for most practices. Midwest Dental Arts is a lab you can count on for predictable and profitable results.


We work on everything from single-unit full cast crowns to full mouth implant cases. No case is too small or too big. With the knowledge, technology, and communication between technician and doctor every case can have the results you are looking for.

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