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 We create lustrous veneers for a very natural, life-like, result. Colors are natural-looking and stable.

Hand Fabricated Feldspathic Veneers:

Cementation strength permits tooth reshaping. Although veneers are somewhat fragile in your hand, once they are bonded to the tooth, they develop high tensile and shear strengths, allowing reshaping.


The bond of etched porcelain veneers to enamel is measured from 2600 to 3200 psi, compared with composite resin veneer to enamel bonds, which range from 900 to 1400 psi.


Long-lasting with exceptional resistance to wear, abrasion, and stain. When bonded properly, veneers can last as long as other fixed restorations, while the highly glazed surface is very resistant to stain accumulation.

Pressed Veneers:

The demand for aesthetic all-ceramic restorations is continuously increasing.

Depending on the case at hand and the preoperative situation, you can provide your patients with individual restorations that exhibit impeccable aesthetics and the required high mechanical stability, since IPS e.max comprises highly aesthetic and high-strength materials for both the PRESS and CAD/CAM technique. The restorations are suitable for both adhesive and conventional cementation.

  • Highly aesthetic and high-strength all-ceramic materials can be combined

  • One layering ceramic for the IPS e.max system

  • Predictable shade results & similar clinical behavior even in different restorations veneered with IPS e.max Ceramic

  • Lifelike aesthetics independent of the shade of the prepared tooth

  • Adhesive and conventional cementation


Reinforced glass-ceramics has been successfully used in all-ceramics in press technology for 15 years. Glass-ceramics can not only be just pressed but also milled by means of a state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technique.


IPS e.max Press is a new, highly, aesthetic lithium disilicate glass-ceramic ingot with optimized homogeneity and high strength. They allow the fabrication of restorations with high accuracy of fit. The strength of 400 MPa which has been unmatched to date by glass-ceramics enables conventional cementation.

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